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Customer Testimonials

Testimonial by: Swami Ananda Shanti of Sainte-Adèle, Quebec, Canada

Date added: 11/04/2017

Title: Only Krishna’s Grace!

Hare Krishna! Krishna Store is certainly more than an ordinary store where we can buy nice stuff for worship of good quality and at a good price: it is a true loving and spiritual experience. We can feel the Grace of Prabhu flowing in all items proposed by the store as well as in the efficient, courteous and kind services that are always offered by the personnel. By His Grace and throughout the bhakti we can find here, we have this opportunity to taste Krishna’s wonderful Lila in a very special way. So we feel very grateful for that and wish to share this bliss with everyone. Thank you very much, may all be blessed and happy. Jai Sri Krishna! *Here some examples of the lovely items we bought and are enjoying a lot : Vrindavan incense and Gopi Chandan powder (smell so good!), an adorable Radha Krishna wooden hand carved murti, a very practical aroti set, a beautiful peacock fan for Deity Worship, a nice Krishna’s flute and a lot more!

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Only Krishna’s Grace!
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