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Customer Testimonials

Testimonial by: Mort Marianni of New Jersey, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 07/17/2016

Title: Great Buy! Exactly what wanted.

Both Sets of beads are exactly what I wanted and expected. Tulsi is great quality. All connections seem strong. Looks great! And feels great.

Testimonial by: Nicole Poirier of Ottawa, Canada

Date added: 05/19/2016


Throughout the years I have ordered from Krishna Store. As always, I am fully satisfied with every order. They keep in touch with you and let you know if Customs needs a little verification.Of course going to Customs gives me an opportunity to talk about Krishna Consciousness. I was even hoping they would open the box of Srimad Bhagavatam which would have given me more opportunity to show them the books. Customs was curious to know what kind of books are these. Ha! Hari Bol!

Testimonial by: Lindsey Ilsley of United Kingdom, London

Date added: 07/09/2012

Title: very impressed, expectations exceded!

Everything I ordered from Krishna store arrived swiftly and I have been very content with quality and cost also. My expectations were not high as everything seemed at the lower end of the price market but all my items have been perfect and I've been very happy.without a doubt I'd return to Krishna Store and have already recommended it to friends :-)

Testimonial by: John Brown of UK

Date added: 12/11/2011

Title: Good quality product

As ever the product is excellent and you cannot fault the service from krishna store. Hare Krishna

Testimonial by: Swati Koka of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 03/31/2016

Title: Wonderful experience

My order came on time and all items were as described on the site. When i had a concern on my order and tried to contact them, they immediately responded. I am very happy with my purchase. Hare krishna!!

Testimonial by: Pam Willson of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 01/07/2018

Title: Thank you very much for the beautiful items i ordered from your

Dear Hare Krishna store, Thank you very much for the order and I am very satisfied with all the items. Hare Krishna and Love, Pam Willson

Testimonial by: Robert Covington of Flordia USA

Date added: 08/05/2014

Title: excellent artwork

i received each and every photo is excellent condition. All the artwork from BBT and other devotee artists is outstanding in its own way. i use the copies to give to visitors etc at the temple here in Alachua. My service. thank you again for all your hard work. Peace.

Testimonial by: Ivan Illanes Mendoza of Arequipa - Perú

Date added: 02/05/2011

Title: It's a Wonderful: Little Krishna Animated TV Series

I'm buy Little Krishna Animated TV Series and Dashavatar. I can tell are two wonderful animated stories...

Testimonial by: Thelma Cowan of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 05/26/2016

Title: Pictures of LORD KRSNA

I have just bought my second canvas of Lord Krsna and I am delighted with the picture, the short time it took to arrive, the superb quality of the picture, in fact every thing about the whole thing. Thankk you so much to all concerned. HARE KRSNA.

Testimonial by: Archana of North Caroline (U.S.A.)

Date added: 10/27/2017

Title: Love!

Hari Bol! The products arrived quickly though from so far. They were nicely made and I loved the clothes for the deities, beautifully made. The fact the product are made in India is special to me. Thanks for the quick delivery and good quality of clothes.

Testimonial by: Sarjit of NZ

Date added: 03/07/2012

Title: Prompt delivery/Excellent Products

Second time I have ordered products thru' the krishnastore website. Both times, received prompt delivery and excellent products. Tilak mrdanga from USA and hand cymbals from India arrived packaged well; learning to play the mrdanga and having lots of fun. Thanks Prabhujis & Matajis for your excellent service for helping us in our devotional lives. Hari Bol!

Testimonial by: Sergio of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 02/06/2018

Title: Best experience

Beautiful posters from seller. Very happy with Krishna Store. Will be shopping with them from now on. Thank you!

Testimonial by: Glenn Bergstrom of Montana, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 10/07/2016

Title: Earth to Glenn

The Shawl and the music book are great! I started to read the introduction to Songs of the Vaisnava Acaryas and I can see it is going to be very rewarding. The Shawl has the scent of Vrindavan! I meditated wearing it last night using the Maha Mantra and went back to sleep and dreamed of a gigantic space ship!

Testimonial by: K.B. of Belgium, Europe

Date added: 12/07/2017

Title: Original printed books - Transcendental gems

I bought the Baghavad Gita and the complete set of Srimad baghavatam. I'm very pleased with the quality printing, hardcover-binding and astonishing beautifull colorplates. And as I read I feel the transcendental vibration as if Swami Prabhupada is right next to me reciting. I already have his e-books, but nothing compares to this. Everybody should have and read his original printed books.

Testimonial by: Malini Nimit Pandya of brampton, ontario, canada

Date added: 05/26/2017

Title: all items are very nice

All items are very nice and quick international delivery service at home

Testimonial by: Ken Banks of Cambridge, UK

Date added: 09/03/2015

Title: Very pleased with my order...

After finding the beads I wanted online, I placed my order and was very happy with everything. I'd fully recommend the Krishna Store to anyone. Thanks so much!

Testimonial by: Giridhari Ramamoorthy of Singapore

Date added: 04/26/2011

Title: Divine Experience

I had the most blissful experience in ordering & receiving Varaha Mrdanga . I received it in US & hand carried it to Singapore The actual recipient was overjoyed in opening the box and touching the Mrdanga which he was yearning to use for almost 4 years .

Testimonial by: Tirtha Sevana Das of Croatia

Date added: 07/18/2012

Title: Gamchas

I have ordered gamchas and to my surprise were delivered in only ten days. very good quality and fair price. My recommendation!

Testimonial by: Carlo Pinotti of Quebec, Canada

Date added: 04/19/2013

Title: Colourful and easy to use

Hare Krishna! Your website is very colourful and easy to manoevre around. I can easily access my PayPal account. It is an enjoyable experience and I often return to your website just to browse. Thank you and...Hare Krishna! Carlo

Testimonial by: Christopher Dotchin of Ontario, Canada

Date added: 01/26/2015

Title: First Purchase

This was my first time doing business with this site and I would highly suggest it to others. The products I ordered arrived proptly and as stated. I'm totally pleased and will be using these services again.

Testimonial by: Caroline of Lancs

Date added: 02/26/2013

Title: With thanks

Another great experience shopping with Krishnastore. Thank you so much for providing such a great service, not everyone has access to temple shops and not everyone is able to travel to obtain devotional supplies so it's a great help. My latest order arrived beautifully packaged, it had travelled safely from Vrindavan and it smelled divine. Can't wait to order again. Many many thanks, CAT.

Testimonial by: Jaya Dasi of U.K

Date added: 08/20/2012

Title: Great friendly service.

I enjoyed ordering from Krishna Store, the service was good and friendly. I was kept informed about my order. It was lovely to recieve the parcels from Vrindavan and I was very pleased with the products.

Testimonial by: Philip Voerding of Minnesota, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 08/20/2017

Title: Excellent online store for Krishna Consciousness

Excellent customer support. My questions were answered quickly and products excellent. Ordering and downloading eBooks was was frustration-free. In the future, I will continue to buy Krishna Consciousness books and other items from this website. Years ago, I purchased ebooks, but they did not work on my tablet. The customer service was wonderful, and refunded my money with no hassle. Recently, I saw that this store had the set of ebooks in a format suitable to Kindle Fire, so I purchased the set, and I'm extremely satisfied.

Testimonial by: Sukhaprada of Sweden

Date added: 06/29/2018

Title: Good service, good prices

I ordered kurtas, pants and waistcoat. They arrived within the time estimated for delivery. All goods of excellent quality. I will definitely be ordering from the Krishna Store again! All glories to Srila Prabuphada! Hare Krishna! Sukhaprada das

Testimonial by: Bernard Watson of Cornwall ,Britain

Date added: 02/27/2016

Title: Traditional clothing

I was very happy with the clothing I bought, it certainly suits my half shaven head, it is part of my journey through this illusionary world and reminds me of my purpose hear. Can't think of a better advert for these clothes, can you?

Testimonial by: Tony Smith of Hampshire, United Kingdom

Date added: 09/07/2014

Title: Great Products Unavailable Locally

When I worked in London in the 1970s and 80s, and was young and healthy, it was easy to pop along to the Krishna shop or restaurant to buy my Krishna products. Now I'm aged 60, living in Hampshire, and partially sighted following a series of strokes I find it much more difficult to find Krishna goodies. Then a few months ago I discovered the KRISHNA-STORE website and suddenly I had access to all the Krishna products at my fingertips. I have just received my second order, once again amazingly well packed, with all things exactly as described. My two orders have included several T-Shirts, scents, japa beads, books, a CD, ayurvedic toothpaste, yoga clothing, greetings cards and wall hangings. At the age of 60, and partially sighted, I find many websites difficult to navigate, but the Krishna site gave me no such problems and was a joy to use. I'll be back soon to make my third order.

Great Products Unavailable Locally
Testimonial by: Amanda Bohda of California, United States

Date added: 09/19/2011

Title: wonderful

Received my order quickly and. I'm very pleased with it. Everything is lovely.

Testimonial by: Debra McKean of New Hampshire, USA

Date added: 12/05/2016

Title: Quality products

I am so happy to have found your site, it was easy to navigate and find just what I was looking for. My first order arrived today and didn't take that long to get here. I ordered a set of large Tulsi beads and a japa bag and both were of exceptional quality. But after reading the reviews and the high standards that you have, I put in a second order even before the first one was sent out. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future. Thank you. Hare Krishna

Testimonial by: Mike Lemmons of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 04/03/2018

Title: Everything I purchased was of the highest quality

I recently purchased the mantra meditation kit and e-book versions of the collected works of his divine grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and of it was fairly priced and far exceeded my expectations for quality.

Testimonial by: Trupti of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 01/27/2012

Title: great service

I was very happy to see that the quality and print of these books was great. They were delivered within the expected time period. Hari Bol!

Testimonial by: Jose Medina of Jalisco, Mexico.

Date added: 03/02/2012

Title: Just excellent!

I ordered my items and I received them within 15 days as described in international shipments. I am very pleased with my purchase and I recommend as safe and reliable store to purchase devotional products. thank you very much to the team!. HARE KRISHNA!

Just excellent!
Testimonial by: Filip Veiderma of Sweden

Date added: 09/20/2012

Title: Fast delivery

It took me 4 days to get the package, straight from India to Sweden. The service is amazing. I will defenetly order from, next time i need something!

Testimonial by: George of Bradford, MA, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 01/19/2016



Testimonial by: Tanya Lewis of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 12/02/2017

Title: Good quality! Fast service!

Ordered a new copy of BhagavadGita and some beads, both excellent thank you, Tanya Yandina Australia

Testimonial by: Maggie Milliette of Wisconsin, United States

Date added: 12/05/2011

Title: pleased with my purchase and service

Thank you Krishnastore for sending me the set for doing vedic ritual. It was a nice brass wiht many small details that others in the states did not have with their sets, such as individual pieces, heavier brass, sea shell and other special things from India. I'm so grateful also for your wonderful prompt service. Namaste,Maggie Milliette WI, USA

Testimonial by: John Wrisley of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 07/06/2018

Title: The best that I have used

This time I got it in record time One week. I could not believe it. I live in a small town just east of San Diego. I love this incense it is the best for me. I burns about 50 minuets long.

Testimonial by: Eva Varallyay of Budapest, Hungary

Date added: 07/06/2014

Title: A gift for my daughter

Haré Krishna! Thank you for the opportunity that i could order from your site. I have ordered a beutiful tulasi-silver necklace for my daughter. She opened the box with pleasure, and she was really happy when she saw the shiny, filigree necklace. Ever since she wears it happily.

Testimonial by: Indra Masiokiene of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 12/31/2014

Title: Thank You very much!

Thank You very very much! Not first time I am buying from your store, but as always I am totally satisfied about the description of the products, about the quality, about the postage and packing! I wish you success! Indra.

Testimonial by: Krishna of Alberta, Canada

Date added: 03/25/2018

Title: Peacock Fan

I am ordering my second 10 inch Peacock Fan - I am so delighted with my first fan which I picked up from the post office today. Packaging was attention to detail. Colors are vibrant and sharp. Fan is stunning, and I do mean Stunning. OM OM Hari Om

Testimonial by: Jaya of Texas, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 06/17/2012

Title: Radha Krishna Deity set

I am very much pleased and excited to receive the deities, my husband and son also were excited. I am very much satisfied with the purchase.

Radha Krishna Deity set
Testimonial by: Arpit Kothari of United Arab Emirates

Date added: 07/28/2016

Title: Very nice Kartals. Hare Krishna!

1. Big Kartals 2. Very sonorous 3. Good quality and Finishing 4. Worth the Price 5. Humble Obeisances to those involved in this service directly or indirectly. Hari bol!

Testimonial by: Lillian of California, U.S.A.

Date added: 02/05/2011

Title: Blessings to Haridas dasa

Thank you so much Haridas dasa for the expedient experience in ordering the Srimad- Bhagavatam. I had ordered the collection on 30th of January and it arrived on the 3rd of February. I can't express how appreciated I've felt with the emails you'd sent allowing me to track my order. I will be definitely be a returning costumer. Thank You!

Testimonial by: Silas Rallings of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 12/13/2018

Title: Thank You for enabling my prayers

I have now the songs of the Vaisnava Acaryas from which I can pray to Lord Nrsimha for protection while I sleep which is important for me because of the worries of our world seem very real at times but with Lord Nrsimha's help I can overcome this. Without this book I would not have this opportunity.

Testimonial by: Yulia of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 11/23/2014

Title: Great quality items

Hare Krishna! Loved the quality of the cotton. Amazing gopi skirts and tops. Thank You!

Testimonial by: Lucas Marques of São Paulo, Brasil

Date added: 05/29/2013

Title: Excellent

Great products, colorful t shirts and fast shipping. Love it!

Testimonial by: Deborah Price of AUSTRALIA

Date added: 03/17/2011


You went to a lot of trouble to fill my small order and I was amazed at the service and with the product delivery. thank you very much

Testimonial by: David Singleton of derby ,great britain

Date added: 02/01/2012

Title: japa beads

very quick delivery,and after only 1 week of chanting both myself and my family have noticed a hugely positive change, Hare Krishna!

Testimonial by: Bonita Leclercq of NSW, Australia

Date added: 01/31/2011

Title: Excellent Service

I have been delighted to have dealings with the Krishna Store in Australia as I have always had a prompt reply and the items that I have ordered have always arrived within the time frame given to me and have always been in excellent order. I would recommend using this online store to everyone.

Testimonial by: Martin Riches of Somerset, UK

Date added: 09/08/2015

Title: Krishna reunited with his flute

Hare Krishna! I bought a nice statuette of Krishna from a shop in Glastonbury but he came without his flute. I don't know of any other place where I could have bought a three inch long flute for Krishna but The Krishna Store. I ordered the white metal flute and a golden one and they both arrived from Vrindavana within a week. Krishna now looks even more splendid with his beautiful silver flute. Thank you so much!

Testimonial by: Catherine Cunliffe of united kingdom

Date added: 11/15/2014

Title: varindavan flower incense

My yoga teacher recommended i try your varindavan flower incense and i have to say they are now the only ones i will use. They help me to meditate and i love how my home smells of these beautiful sticks. Your service is amazing. Delivery is so quick and i love using your product. Much nicer than any others i have bought as the smell is not overpowering. Simply wonderful. NAMASTE.

varindavan flower incense
Testimonial by: Urvashi Pote of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 03/03/2016

Title: Nice clothes

I am glad I found this best site, the clothes which I could not get in many stores after searching. Stores are selling for 100's and I could get best authentic ones here for most reasonable ever imagined. Server - best! did not expected to arrive soon but I got it. Condition - best packaging. Thanks! for all your service KS.

Testimonial by: Pramada Dd of United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 12/04/2017

Title: Beautiful Jagannatha deities

I ordered 6 inch Jagannatha deities as a gift for a family. They arrived safely and I am told they are beautiful, and the family is very happy with them.

Testimonial by: Emily Owens of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 08/12/2016

Title: The Next Best Thing to Rejoining Godhead

I recently ordered & received both the original 1970's reprintings of the complete Srimad Bvagatam & the Caitanya-Caritamrta, along with second copies of Krsna & Chant & Be Happy, which I ordered as presents for a friend. Every word of these vital books inspire & elevate, bringing joy & better understanding of who & what we truly are. Krsna is probably my favorite, with the stories of Him as an Earthly avatar. Mostly, my best advice to anyone is simply summarized in the title of Srila Prabhupadha's short book, Chant & Be Happy. It doesn't get much clearer than that. Hare Krishna!

Testimonial by: Tom Lee of London, UK

Date added: 09/21/2014

Title: Always a great service

As ever, a super speedy delivery and extremely reasonable prices. Quicker and more efficient than most online stores.Will always be my 1st choice for buying these sorts of items. thank you very much!

Testimonial by: Adriano Machado of São Paulo, Brazil

Date added: 07/15/2014

Title: Delicious!

I really love these marvelous incenses. It have a great quality and a perfect smell. Thanks a lot for this product. Adriano & Bárbara.

Testimonial by: Nick Dlugaiczyk of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 09/25/2012

Title: hari hari bol

HARE KRISHNA... JAI SRI RADHE !!!! ALL FINE... Thank you very much for your very fast and excellent service. I hope to do business with again very soon. Keep up the good work! It is a fantastic service to devotees worldwide. HARI HARI !!! NICK

Testimonial by: Peter Smith of Q'land Australia

Date added: 09/08/2012

Title: Vital information

Thankyou Krishna store for continuing to supply beautiful items and important information to allow us access to our Original Omnipotent Loving Creator.The "Coming Back"book is THE BEST introduction to the wonderful science of spirit transmigration.As your prices are so good I am able to buy a supply of them to pass on to those in need of this enlightenment as I was 30 years ago when a Sydney devotee did it for me.Thankyou also for the Tulsai beads. Haribol......Peter.

Testimonial by: Kristin Hakopa of New Zealand

Date added: 12/07/2015

Title: THANKYOU! Hare Krishna :)

I am so satisfied with my orders! I am going to make some more orders right now :) I LOVE KRISHNA!

Testimonial by: Charan of UK

Date added: 04/09/2017

Title: Good Yogi pants.

I like these yogi pants,seem a nice design. Maybe i'll become a Sri Krsna devoted yogi some day, if iam so blessed. jai.

Testimonial by: Soumya Pan of West Bengal, India

Date added: 12/20/2012

Title: Lord Krishna Diamond Pendant with Black Thread Lord Krishna Dia

Thanks for the awesome gift. I am pleased by the great design a unique one and rare ... and also impressed by the packing. Overall i rate Krishnastore 10/10. Jai Shri Krishna ... !!

Testimonial by: Joseph McGrath of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 04/21/2017

Title: Kirshna

I recited order on time and in good condition. I will be shopping on line again in the near future.

Testimonial by: Dianna Horne of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 07/09/2017

Title: Hare Krishna! i love my stuff

i ordered a small set of hand cymbals and have taken them to Temple with me and used them at home. they have a sweet sound. the cds i ordered live in my car and i listen to both of them over and over. i am wearing the bracelet which i put on immediately upon receipt and i love it also. i have loved every item (mostly books) that i have received from you guys. and the shipping is really fast!

Testimonial by: Kamsahanta Dasa of Cornwall uk

Date added: 12/22/2018


i have purchased 2 sets of Srimad Bhagavatams in the past few months and I will be putting an order with you for 2 more sets today. the essence of all advice is that one should utilize one's full time - twenty-four hours a day-in nicely, chanting and remembering the Lord's divine, transcendental form, qualities and eternal pastimes, thereby gradually engaging one's tongue and mind. from the "NECTAR OF INSTRUCTION". 8th verse. Srila Prabhupada. This essence of all advice is 100% fully explained in the "SRIMAD BHAGAVATAMS" pages.

Testimonial by: David Karunanithy of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 04/13/2017

Title: A truly excellent multi-volume series

I'm very glad that I purchased the mutli-volume Srimad Bhagavatam. The cost was so reasonable, and all the items delivered to me with speed and in perfect condition. But obviously, and most importantly of all, the Srimad Bhagavatam is sacred literature that can only help to inprove a soul who takes time to read it, and with sincerity. God bless and hare krishna!

Testimonial by: John Travers of Donegal Ireland

Date added: 12/22/2018

Title: Great service one happy customer

Best site in the world for online shopping great prices for all my needs and the service I get is the best hare krsna aum Hari aum

Testimonial by: Robert Alexander of Surrey, England

Date added: 07/10/2016

Title: Always good service at reasonable prices

I have ordered from KrishnaStore UK several times, and always the items ordered have matched their descriptions, have been good quality, and speedily delivered (often from Vrindavan). Hare Krishna!

Testimonial by: Marc Magisana of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 10/23/2017

Title: More than i expected

Beautiful package of stuff

Testimonial by: Keith Bocek of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 08/23/2012

Title: Very Reliable, Prompt Delivery, Excelent Service

I have many time now ordered from the Krishna Store, and have always been pleased with the order, delivery, and service. Very Professional, Well Orginzed Internet Service. Good Prices and excelent products. Vyasasan das

Testimonial by: Rodolfo Narvaez of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 06/17/2016

Title: Thank you!

Thank you for making these precious instruments of Krsna science be available here.

Testimonial by: Omar Caban of Florida, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 05/15/2013

Title: God Speed! Packed with Knowldege!

My order was shipped and received with super speed. Immediately soaking in the knowledge and incredible bonus DVD. Bhagavad Gita As It Is with Bonus DVD is highly recommended to all for a foundation to build upon for those who would like to begin their Srila Prabhupada library as I did. On a separate order I purchased Neem Japa Beads which was sent to me directly from India in an incense box which added to the authenticity. I would always come back to The Krishna Store for all my Vedic needs. Thank you

Testimonial by: Isabel Rubio Quinto of España

Date added: 02/04/2015

Title: servicio devocional. hare krishna!

Haribol! Muy satisfecha con los artículos, los plazos de entrega y el servicio que nos prestan.

servicio devocional. hare krishna!
Testimonial by: Balaji Chengalpet of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 03/19/2014

Title: Excellent Service and Great product

We have been buying products from Krishna Store for a while now and we have to admit that we have never experienced such superior buying experience especially when shopping online, their products of extreme high quality and we just love it. We wish them all the very best. Prompt Deliveries, Quality products with very good value for Money.

Testimonial by: Dharma of New York, New York USA

Date added: 08/26/2018

Title: Satisfied Customer

I was very pleased with my merchandise and service from Krishna Store staffs.

Testimonial by: Micha of Germany

Date added: 05/09/2012

Title: Best Service

Hare Krishna Thank you so much for your fast, excellent and friendly service. All items are so beautiful. Please go on... y.s. micha

Testimonial by: Robert Morison of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 09/11/2013

Title: great

allways a delight to shop here

Testimonial by: Dean Litherland of Victoria, Australia

Date added: 02/03/2012

Title: Divine Vibrations

Hare Bol! Thank You, My Mridanga Drum arrived in perfect order today expertly packed ensuring it was well protected during freighting. I love it! It has such a great sound and was perfectly tuned ready to go for kirtan right out of the box. The Kirtan DVD lessons are also very good and I am already learning new tunes Kirtans of Vayaki Das that are beautiful and easy to learn. I can;t wait to get to Praladh's lessons as well. Cheers

Testimonial by: Gary Macpherson of Colorado, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 10/22/2017


They shipped quickly and the items arrived on time and as described. A great price and I love doing business with the people of India!

Testimonial by: Sita Dasi of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 09/19/2017

Title: case Easy Journey to Other Planets

great service great products; thank you

Testimonial by: Jade of UK

Date added: 01/12/2012

Title: I love Krishna Store

Excellent service, as usual. Thank you Krishna Store!!

Testimonial by: Wade Wilson of New Brunswick

Date added: 02/25/2016

Title: Awesome Fragrances!

I always order my incense from the Krishna store. The price is great, even when you add in the shipping from India to Canada. The incense is awesome and much better than anything I can find in my town. The Vrindavan Flower is really nice and mild with a beautiful fragrance. Perhaps someday I will be able to go to Vrindavan to smell the flowers growing there! Thanks so much and Hare Krishna!

Testimonial by: Robert Vandusen of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 08/22/2013

Title: Krisha is all

Allway happy with my things

Testimonial by: Krishnamohan Ka of Bangalore, india

Date added: 04/11/2012

Title: Thank you very much for this product

I am happy with srila prabhupada's book for kindle. I was searching a similar product for years. Thank you very much

Testimonial by: James Shively of Virginia, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 01/30/2017

Title: Always a great value, HARE KRISHNA!

I've made several orders through this website, great customer service, and received everything in great condition. Each month, if money allows, I try to make a purchase until I have all devotee needs (materially) :)

Testimonial by: Colette Cronshaw of Manchester, United Kingdom

Date added: 04/02/2016

Title: Wonderful :-)

Arrives quickly and packaged well, everything safe and sound ( I've even had an handwritten thank you note, a welcome personal touch). I'd only ever had shop bought inscence before, your product is far superior in quality. It's beautiful.. Thank you so much. Love and light

Testimonial by: Christina Aquila of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 09/29/2014

Title: Thank you!!

Thank you for the wonderful service. The products were of a wonderful quality and it was so nice to receive a package from Vrindavan. Haribol!

Testimonial by: Vichal Gajapersad of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 05/17/2013

Title: A happy customer or should I say human?

Dear Hare Krishna Store, I want to thank you for providing Krsna Consciousness material to the world via the website. Indeed now people are connected through the internet and you are doing a mighty fine job spreading Srila Prabhupada's mercy. I have received the Srimad Bhagavatam set which is not edited by others. I am forever gratefull to you for this. Also, there are alot of stuff here which is interesting and keeps me coming back at this site. I want to thank you for existing, because I want the original book (which are not altered) of Srila Prabhupada!! Hare Krsna!! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!!!

Testimonial by: Shaun Thomas of Shropshire , uk

Date added: 03/01/2012

Title: Clothing and books bought

A great book to read. The quality of the clothing . Very good. Very happy.

Testimonial by: Russ Thomas of Georgia, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 07/10/2017

Title: Great Service!

I was delighted with my recent purchase from the Krishna Store. Not only were the prices excellent but the quality of the clothing far exceeded my expectations. Plus, the delivery time was phenomenal! The website instructed me to allow two weeks for delivery, but it was received in seven days I will be a longtime customer. Thank you!

Testimonial by: Joanne of Australia

Date added: 04/07/2012

Title: Great Products and service

Thank you for my packages, which arrived in very good condition and when you said they would arrive : ). The products are of high quality and just as described and look even better in real life. Thank you for your service, I will be shopping again soon, Hare Krishna.

Testimonial by: Jason of Birmingham. United Kingdom (UK)

Date added: 01/31/2019

Title: Quick delivery. Perfect scented incense.

Delivery was really quick, the item brought was the scent I wanted and very much love. Very easy transaction.

Testimonial by: Martina McLennan of Belfast N. Ireland

Date added: 10/16/2016

Title: Highly reccommend

I've used this company a few times and I am always pleased with my order. The incense is of the highest quality and the packaging and prompt delivery are appreciated. I would certainly have no qualms in recommending this company , Madhava Priya DD

Testimonial by: Jennifer Ferrick of Pennsylvania, USA

Date added: 07/23/2014

Title: Superb Transaction

The transaction was terrific from start to finish. The price was the lowest I found on the internet. The international shipping price was completely reasonable. There were no issues with the communication from Krishna Store- they immediately sent me an order confirmation, when my order was shipped and followed up with a satisfaction email. I will be a returning customer for all of our family's needs for Krishna products. Thank you so much for your honesty and value. Hare Krsna

Testimonial by: Sunanda Reddy of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 12/05/2014

Title: Wonderful surprise

I just wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful sarees that I received. I was pleasantly surprised with the material and the amazing colors. Every saree that I ordered both cotton and silk were above my expectations . I will definitely order more from your website. Thank you Sunanda

Testimonial by: Nandini Venugopal of Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Date added: 01/05/2019

Title: Purchased variety of products from KrishnaStore

I am very grateful to KrishnaStore to provide such wonderful products for all devotees. I really loved all the products I purchased from KrishnaStore and they are quality products. I also loved the acrylic stands which looked much more beautiful than in the picture. Thank you very much, Nandini, Bangalore, India

Testimonial by: John Wrisley of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 08/06/2018

Title: Bliss

I was a Hem incense costumer until I found out there is more out there. A few years back I was just surfing on the internet I stumbled onto the Krishna store that’s when I saw there are other stores to buy incense online. I bought my incense on lower priced lower quality. As soon as I bought incense from the Krishna store I have never bought anywhere else the different senses are one of a kind. They burn longer then any kind that I have tried, and they burn clean. There’s no black smoke. Everest is my favorite. The there’s no words to define it. All the best. Try the sample pack. I haven’t run into a sampler pack anywhere else.

Testimonial by: Ralph Rampersad of California, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 06/07/2015

Title: Yoga Pants Purchase

The product meet my requirement. Very please with the service & most important, prompt delivery. Thank you.

Testimonial by: Dandakesa of Florida, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 03/27/2015

Title: Perfect, and such a goodice

The merchandise is of good quality, surprisingly, considering the really low price. Plus most items are hard to find. Shipping was very fast. So super happy. Thank you Hare Krishna

Testimonial by: Jody Pinard of MA, USA

Date added: 08/27/2011

Title: Wonderful quality

I am very happy with my items, they are of great quality and have made a wonderful addition to my daily worship. I plan on making future purchases soon.

Wonderful quality
Testimonial by: Martine Molitor of Luxembourg

Date added: 08/21/2018

Title: High quality

Whenever i order at the Krishna store i am always amazed about the small price and the hig quality products. The service is also very good. Always so happy to receive my order anyways, but then while opening i am always deeply touched about the love and devotion. I am very thankful that you make purchasing prayer items, and more so easy for those like me who live far away from India. Hare Krishna

Testimonial by: Jeffrey Harris of Michigan, United States (U.S.A.)

Date added: 04/24/2012

Title: Super Service and Products

I received my products 4 dhotis and three kurtees a few weeks ago. What a wonderfull set of items. Everything fits well and is sized in american sizes, the dhoti's are very nice material and even though they shipped from India came very quickly. Will be buying again and again from you. Hare Bol, Jitendriya dasa

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