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Laddu Gopal Deluxe Dresses Type 1 (D.No.7500)

Deluxe Zardogi Work With Frills and Diamonds

Dress for Laddu Gopal Deities. High class zardogi work in floral pattern with frills, gems, diamonds, zari and colourful threaded work makes this Deity dress very attractive. Available in a range of colors and sizes.

The designs featured in the product image are samples of the dress but designs are constantly changing and actual dresses shipped will not always be identical to the product images.


Price:  9,15€  7,31€ 
Deity Size:

Laddu Gopal Night Dresses (D.No.5390)
 3,63€  2,71€ 


Deluxe Peacock Dress for Laddu Gopal Deity
 10,07€  6,39€ 


Ghee Lamp, Single Wick -- Brass
 3,21€  2,29€ 


Laddu Gopal Normal Dresses Type 1 (D.No.5456)
 6,39€  4,55€ 




Beyond Birth and Death [1972 (first) edition]
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