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Laddu Gopal Brass Deity 7"

This graceful Laddu Gopal with a beautiful dress in the color of your choice including a crown is all set to make your home very auspicious. Laddu Gopal is one of the most popular Deity forms of Krishna. Laddu Gopal is another name for Krishna who enjoys being fed sweets such as Laddus, a famous Indian sweet.

Price:  63,26€  52,68€ 
Dress Color:


Natural Flower Oil--Pure Scented Oils from India
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 6,03€  5,42€ 


Kurta -- Cotton Khadi Color Pattern
 11,70€  9,76€ 


Yogi Pants Silk / Jute Mix
 18,17€  15,17€ 


Deity Offering Plates Small Size (7.5" Stainless Steel)
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Laddu Gopal Brass Deity 7"

The topmost reason of the glorification and reverence of Laddu Gopal is his childhood pastimes.

So on this festival of Janmastami bring this little Ladu Gopala to your home and add on auspiciousness.This Laddu Gopala is brass poured deity, hand carved with love and devotion.

This is beautifully carved design makes it opulent and gives a precious look. Ladu Gopal can be used as a birthday gift, anniversary gift, occasion gift, house warming gift, devotional gift, surprise gift, etc.

Ladu Gopal 5", 6" and 7" size comparison

Laddu Gopal Deity Measurements

Laddu Gopal Deities are measured vertically as the image of the 5" deity below demonstrates. The 7" deity is larger than the one in the picture.

Laddu Gopal Brass Deity Measurement



Deity Images From Customers

Madhumangala Das (Laddu Gopal Deity, after painting):

Laddu Gopal Painted

Price:  63,26€  52,68€ 
Dress Color:

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