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Tulsi Neck Beads - 3 Strand w/ Small Round & Colored Beads
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Tulsi Neck Beads - 3 Strand w/ Small Round & Colored Beads

Authentic Tulsi Neck Beads from Vrindavan, India

Made from Tulsi Beads. The Tri-Strand style alternates with small round beads & colored ones. You can select black or red from the menu near the picture. Tulsi neck beads are stylish and can be worn in the temple as well as in the city. Some people don't take them off, even for bed or bath.

Price:  3,26€  1,99€ 

Tulsi Neck Beads - 3 Strand w/ Small Round & Colored Beads

Available with Black, select from the color selector above.

3 Strand Pattern with Black Beads



Approximate Necklace Length around the neck: 16"-16.5" (inches) (Approx 40-42 cm)

Why Wear Tulsi Beads?

Tulsi beads come from the Tulsi plant. The spirit of the plant, Tulsi Devi, is a Goddess and a Vaishnava devotee. Wearing neck beads made from Tulsi wood is a protection from things both physical and non-physical.

Care for Tulsi Beads

Many people wear their Tulsi Neck Beads all the time, even to bed and in the shower. To keep them in good condition, though, it is recommended to take care of them. For information on how to increase the longevity of your tulsi neck beads, go to the following article: How to Strengthen Tulsi Beads

Price:  3,26€  1,99€ 

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Goods arrived quickly from Vrndavana (a bonus!), and posters, safely from the US. I was fortunate to visit Vrndavana Oct/Nov 1977, I got my beads from there and was not happy to lose them...now I have ...

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