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Srila Prabhupada's Lotus Feet Impression Casting
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Srila Prabhupada's Lotus Feet Impression Casting

A life-size casting of the footprints of Srila Prabhuapda's lotus feet. Arranged so one can easily bathe the lotus feet of Srila Prabhuapda and capture the water.

Price:  28,99€ 
Author: His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Srila Prabhupada's Lotus Feet Impression Casting

One has to awaken his Krsna consciousness by first regretting his past deeds. One should, by deliberate consideration, raise himself to the platform of Krsna consciousness. To attain such an end, one must touch the lotus feet of the spiritual master.

Krsna consciousness cannot be achieved by self-endeavor. One must therefore approach a self-realized, Krsna conscious person and touch his lotus feet.

One cannot come to the precincts of Krsna consciousness unless he touches the dust of the lotus feet of a person who has become a mahatma, a great devotee. This is the beginning of the surrendering process.

Lord Krsna wants everyone to surrender unto Him, and this surrendering process begins when one touches the lotus feet of a bona fide spiritual master. By sincerely rendering service to a bona fide spiritual master, one begins his spiritual life in Krsna consciousness.

Touching the lotus feet of a spiritual master means giving up one's false prestige and unnecessarily puffed-up position in the material world.

Those who remain in the darkness of material existence due to their falsely prestigious positions--so-called scientists and philosophers--are actually atheists. They do not know the ultimate cause of everything. Although bewildered, they are not ready to surrender themselves to the lotus feet of a person who knows things in their proper perspective.

In other words, one cannot arouse Krsna consciousness simply by his own mental speculation. One must surrender to a bona fide spiritual master and touch his lotus feet. Only this process will help one.

Price:  28,99€ 

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very service and products.

Im very happy with the service it fast, solve problem it short time and the most important is that the procts that you see is what you get, quiality, for paying is very easy and fast, im very satisfie ...

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By Manuel Suri


Thank you for the great cookbook and c.d. of the morning program. I am enjoying them very much. What a wonderful way to start the new year. I especially like the Govinda prayer on track 8. I will no d ...

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By Peter Howard

Fast and friendly service!

Received the books very quickly and although it took longer for the beads and bead bag that's understandable because the items were shipped from India. Everyone was very communicative about the status ...

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By Travis W

Great Products!

Fantastic yogi pants! Planning on using them as my main thing to wear when I go travelling in Central America. They are very comfortable and cool. Got a lovely piece of silk in the package which was a ...

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By Leonie Cleeves

Very good quality products

I orders the 16 pack of masala incense and was very happy with the quality and fragrance. I also ordered the sets of DVDs of the Mahabharata and Ramayana. I was really impressed with the packaging of ...

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By Sangeeta Findlay

Good quality product

As ever the product is excellent and you cannot fault the service from krishna store. Hare Krishna

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By John Brown

Excellent service, outstanding products

I have ordered from the Krishna store on three occasions, and have been very happy with the service and goods I bought. The Krishna bag is lovely, lots of comments from people, the bed throw is lovely ...

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By Christina Temperton-Slemon

A joyful Return to Lord Krishna

When I returned to Krishna Consciousness after a long absence I was so glad to find copies of the older books still available. I had given all mine away many years ago and it broke my heart to find ou ...

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By Matthew Yegge

The Pictures are Wonderful!

The prints that I received have been framed up. The result is wonderful, I have included two pictures. I had to turn the flash off to prevent reflection in the glass. Again, thank you for the effort ...

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By Chris Notenbaert

pleased with purchase

Good quality incense stcicks.Well packed.

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By Carmen Ornia

Srila Prabhupada Murti

i am writing today with great, great joy in the heart, that i received my Srila Prabhupada Murti 7.5" Statue... all i can say is "Wooooooow...how life like!!!" . I am very very happy and blessed to re ...

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By Chloe Skelton

Your prefect spiritual body

I have used this website for all my Krishna paraphernalia and the service is 1st class. The quality of the goods is of high standed and I enjoy shopping here. So take advandage of this timeless wisdom ...

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By Steven Creaney

Krishna's Mercy

The first books I purchased for my Kindle were Srila Prabhupada's books. What else do I need? Imagine, all of Prabhupada's books in my back pocket, to take everywhere I go. Krishna's Mercy!

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By Padmanabha Dasa

Krishna books are worth more than a $50,000 self help library

I am on my 2nd reading of Bhagavad Gita AS IT IS. I have read Prabhupada's Library. as well as the First Canto of Srimad Bhagavatam and soon to start the 2nd. It may take a year to read through the 30 ...

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By Marvin Flyer

Krishna Store is a valuable resource

I would like to thank the devotees for the service they provide by making the Krishna Store available to the world. Anything one might need in order to become acquainted with and/or to enhance your de ...

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By Denise Houston

Amazingly lifelike Prabhupada Murti. Based on an original sculpture by Locan Dasa, comes complete with dhoti, kurta, chadar and bead bag. Choose from three different styles: Japa, Kirtan [includes set of kartals] and Darshan.Srila Prabhupada Murti 10.5"

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