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Quick Vegetarian Dishes
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Quick Vegetarian Dishes

Cooking with Kurma

The message of Quick Vegetarian Dishes is refreshingly simple: life in the fast lane doesn't necessarily mean life in the fast food lane...

Price:  18,09€ 
Author: Kurma dasa
Format: Hardbound 9" x 11", 105 color photos
Pages: 220
ISBN: 0-9578345-0-0

Quick Vegetarian Dishes

Even if your life is moving at Web speed, you can, with Kurma's expert guidance, quickly prepare something hot and fresh, stunningly original and tasty, for yourself, or two, or a few others almost as quickly as you can order out.

In Quick Vegetarian Dishes, you'll find essential gourmet vegetarian delights that deliver the most palatable results with the least amount of time and effort.

If you're the type of person who jumps on a plane with only carry-on luggage, this is the cookbook for you. You'll be in and out of the kitchen in record time.

List of Recipes in "Quick Vegetarian Dishes"

Entrees & Appetizers
Flavoured Sushi Rice in Fried Tofu Pouches (Inari-zushi)
Corn Tortilla Triangles with Smoky Avocado Salsa
Salad of Pan-fried Tofu with Mango & Snow Peas
Buttered Chayote with Parmesan (Chuchu a Brasileira)
Steamed Asparagus with Semi-dried Tomato & Macadamia Salsa
Egyptian Crumbly Spice & Nut Dip (Dukkah)
Pan-fried Panir Fillets with Sweet Potato & Baby Beans
Balinese Crisp-fried Marinated Tempe (Tempe Goreng)
Grilled Cheesy Polenta Squares with Spicy Tomato Concasse
Creamy Cauliflower & Snow Peas with Cashews
Sizzling Pan-fried Haloumi Steaks
Oven-Fried Potato Wedges with 15-minute Tomato Chutney
Zesty Corn Raita with Chili Crisps, Pappadams, & Indonesian Emping Crackers
Cheesy Filo Parcels

Rice Dishes
Plain Boiled Rice the Syrian Way
Basmati Rice with Cashews, Peas & Fresh Coriander
Mexican Rice with Cheese (Sopa de Chapultepec)
Japanese Sushi Rice
Melange of Japanese Sushi Rice with Vegetables (Bara-zushi)
Iranian Spicy Rice with Saffron (Pollou)
Aromatic Lime-scented Rice
Fragrant Coconut Rice
Arab-style Rice with Vermicelli & Chickpeas (Roz bil Shaghria)
Spinach Risotto
Moghul-style Cumin-flavoured Rice (Jeera Pulao)
Caribbean Yellow Rice (Arroz Amarillo con Achiote)

Pepper Water
Quick Ratatouille Soup
Hot & Sour Tom Yum Soup
La Soupe au Pistou
Fennel-laced Urad Dal
Bulgarian-style Yogurt Soup
Thai-flavoured Sweet Potato Soup
Moroccan Bean & Vegetable Soup (Harira)
Marathi Spinach Soup (Palak Saar)
Avocado-laced Gazpacho Soup
Jaipur-style Quick & Easy Mung Dal
Cream of Fennel Soup
Thick & Rich Couscous and Vegetable Soup

Grilled Vegetables Wrapped in Pita Breads, Greek-style (Souvlakia)
Buttermilk Soda Bread
Avocados on Rye with Lime & Watercress
Soft Bread Rolls with Bocconcini, Grilled Eggplant, Sun-dried Capsicum & Basil
Toasted Focaccia with Hoummos & Moroccan Broad Bean Puree (Bissara)
Deluxe Cumin-flavoured Grilled Triple-cheese Sandwich
Rosemary-scented Bruschetta of Grilled Vegetables, Mozzarella & Pesto
Open-faced Sandwich of Pears & Gorgonzola Dolce Latte
Crispy Lavash Bread with Hot & Sweet Pear Chutney
Quick Pide Pizza
Poached Strawberries & Goats Cheese on Toasted Baguette

Vegetable Dishes
Succulent Eggplant & Panir Cheese in Rich and Spicy Tomato Sauce
Peruvian-style Potatoes with Peanut & Chili Sauce (Ocopa Arequipena)
Stir-fried Gai Lan with Water Chestnuts & Fried Bean Curd
Mixed Vegetables in Creamy Gujarati-style Karhi Sauce
Saffron Mashed Potatoes
Green Curry of Vegetables & Fried Tofu
Puree of Roasted Eggplant with Seasoned Yogurt (Baigun Bharta)
Creamy, Savoury Celeriac Gratin
Sri Lankan Leafy Greens with Coconut (Mallung)
Oven-roasted Vegetables
Moist Vrindavana-style Vegetable and Badi Stew
Saudi Chickpeas with Spinach (Hoummos bi Sabanik)
Whole Baby Cauliflowers with Cheese, Sourdough Breadcrumbs & Toasted Almonds
Peppers, Eggplants & Tomatoes Venetian-style (Peperonata alla Veneta)
Barbecued Haloumi and Char-grilled Asparagus with SalsaVerde
Trio of Roasted, Grilled & Barbecued Vegetables
Char-grilled Turkish Bread with Greek-style Salad
Barbecued Polenta with Rocket Leaves, Caponata Sauce & Parmesan
Spanish-style Charcoal-grilled Vegetables (Escalivada)
Barbecued Skewered Baby Okra with Herbed Butter
Char-grilled Panir Steaks with Maple Syrup Marinade, Sweet Potato & Rocket
Vegie Burgers ?With the Lot?
Toasted Ciabatta with Syrian Roast Pepper , Walnut Paste (Muhammara) & Vegetable Crudites
Spicy Grilled Corn on the Cob

Malaysian Sweet, Sour & Hot Salad (Rojak)
Warm Potato Salad with Zesty Horseradish Mayonnaise
Leafy Butter Lettuce with Pine Nuts & Pomegranate
Chopped Spinach & Yogurt Salad (Palak Raita)
Salade Nicoise
Lebanese Toasted Bread Salad (Fattoush)
Delhi-style Sprouted Mung Bean Salad
Warm Salad of Oven-roasted Cauliflower, Feta Cheese & Lentils
Little Salad of Chickpeas & Ginger Root
Grilled Tempe & Mixed Leaves with Black Bean Dressing
Salad of Vietnamese Greens
Tex-Mex Potato Salad

Breakfast Corn Cakes with Maple Syrup
Ukranian Potato Dumplings (Vareneki)
Feta & Potato Spring Rolls with Green Pea Chutney
Hearty Koftas in Tomato Sauce
Malaysian Curry Puffs with Quick Tamarind Chutney
Soft and Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Peanut Dipping Sauce
Deep-fried Zucchini Flowers with Rich Tomato & Olive Sauce
Cheddar & Jalapeno Chili Biscuits
Savoury Popcorn
Classic Rosti Pancakes filled with Swiss Cheese & Tomatoes
Mexican Cheesy Bean & Tortilla Stacks (Tostadas)
Spinach & Cheese Tart
Assorted Crispy Batter-fried Vegetables (Pakoras)
Italian-flavoured Vegetable Turnovers (Calzone) with Red Pepper Sauce

Grains, Beans and Pasta Dishes
Potato Gnocchi in Rich Gorgonzola Sauce
Millet Pilaff with Corn, Peppers and Pine Nuts
Farfalle with Tomatoes and Bocconcini
Hearty One-pot Melange of Mung Beans, Rice & Vegetables (Khichari)
Chickpea Cutlets with New Mexico Chili & Tomato Salsa
Pasta Spirals with Spinach & Walnut Pesto
Crispy Fried Noodles with Hot Sweet & Sour Sauce (Mee Krob)
Giant Pasta Shells Stuffed with Spinach, Herbs & White Cheese
Mock Fried Crab Cakes with Spicy Thai Peanut & Cucumber Relish
Sage-flavoured Pumpkin Ravioli with Baby Spinach & Brown Butter
Penne Pasta with Roasted Peppers, Saffron & Basil Cream
Prabhupada?s Chickpeas in Golden Karhi Sauce
Traditional Macaroni Cheese
Stir-fried Hokkien Noodles with Chinese Black Beans, Asian Greens & Tofu

Sweets, Desserts and Drinks
Grilled Bananas with Greek Yogurt, Maple Syrup & Toasted Macadamias
Indonesian Fruit Punch (Es Teler)
Warm Peaches with Roasted Almonds & Butter Lettuce
Grapefruit Segments with Grenadine Syrup
Char-grilled Mango & Pineapple Skewers with Vanilla
Ice Cream, Toasted Pecans & Hot Caramel Sauce
Crisp-fried Wonton Wrappers with Fresh Berries & Cream
Indian Fruit Platter (Phal Chat)
Custard Apple Fool
Pears Platter with Assorted Cheeses, Dried Fruits & Nuts
Tropical Fruit Salad in Spicy Lemongrass Syrup
Brazilian Chayote and Orange Appetiser (Salada de Xuxu)
Winter Fruit Compote with Fragrant Syrian Milk Pudding
Fresh Citrus Selection in Mandarin Sauce with Creme Fraiche
Moist & Luscious Maple Fruit Muffins
Thai Sticky Rice with Mango
Apple Strudel
Indonesian Pandan-flavoured Sticky Coconut Dumplings (Onde-Onde)
Individual Rhubarb Crumbles
Pears Croustada
Anise-flavoured Doughnuts in Mango Yogurt (Malpoura)
Quick Cherry Cheesecake
Iraqi Cardamom-scented Butter Biscuits (Shakar Lemah)
Carob-dipped Marzipan Ginger & Almond Dates
Egyptian Baked Semolina Syrup Cake (Basbousa)
Malaysian Batter-fried Bananas (Pisang Goreng)
Little Berry Puddings
Sicilian Almond Brittle (Croccante)
Buttermilk Scones with Jam & Cream
Saffron, Lemon & Coconut Cupcakes
Aussie Anzac Cookies
Spiced Tea (Masala Chai)
Guava Thickshake
Granizado de Limon
Cumin-flavoured Spiced Yogurt Shake (Masala Lassi)
Maple Citron Presse
Mango Coconut Smoothie
Grenadine Ginger Fizz
Piping Hot Banana & Nutmeg Milk
Spanish Fruit Punch (Sangria)
Strawberry Blonde
Iced Hibiscus Tea (Agua de Jamaica)
Classic Rose Lassi


Hardbound, 220 pages, over 155 recipes, 105 color photos, 12 b&w photos, 9" x 11", extensive glossary by Kurma dasa

Price:  18,09€ 
Product Reviews
kylie greer - 02/09/2012 5 of 5 Stars!
Great book! Would recommend the recipes as they seem easy to follow :)
glinis lyons - 11/09/2011 5 of 5 Stars!
I purchased this book after using another cookbook by Kurma das for many years and I was talking to a person who was frastrated and unable to cook for her daughter who had become vegetarian. I simply went home and got my book and gave it to her, she was so thrilled that she could not believe that someone she had just met could give away such a beautiful book just because she had no idea what to cook her daughter. Well in my mind what else do you do? You make it as easy as you can to get everyone to become vegetarian and Krishna will show them the rest of the way HOME. Thank you for such a beatiful gift to heal the world with. Now I will have some new things to try and have people over to share our wonderful vegetarian fare.
Sue Fountain - 07/12/2011 5 of 5 Stars!
My daughter's and I love this book, because the recipes taste good and are quick to prepare.

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Broadcast on television from New York to London to Sydney, Cooking With Kurma brings the best of cruelty-free cooking into your kitchen. "Kurma... has a gentle style that is a happy contrast to the frantic and frenzied style of most television cooks. His subtle wit and enthusiasm, combined with his fabulous-looking dishes, can renew your culinary excitement and creativity." -- Vegetarian TimesGreat Vegetarian Dishes - Cooking With Kurma - 11 DVD set
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This book first explains utensils, the art of combining  dishes in menu-planning, and preparing, offering and eating an Indian meal. Then come 120 tested recepies, carefully chosen by the best cooks in the Hare Krishna movement for their diversity and ease of preparation. Preface by actress Hayley Mills.The Hare Krishna Book of Vegetarian Cooking

In his latest release, Kurma compiles his greatest culinary hits, assembling the best vegetarian fare from cultures around the world. Here you'll find the most popular ethnic recipes from his previous titles, including the best selling Great Vegetarian Dishes (now in its seventh printing!), Cooking with Kurma and Quick Vegetarian Dishes.Vegetarian World Food

The Higher Taste is a great introduction to the  philosophy and practice of vegetarianism, Hare Krishna style. It lets the reader discover the health and economic  advantages, as well as the important ethical and spiritual  considerations, of a Krishna conscious approach to diet and  nutrition.The Higher Taste Vegetarian Cookbook

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