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Japa Clicker (Hand Tally) for Maha-Mantra Chanting
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Japa Clicker (Hand Tally) for Maha-Mantra Chanting

Is it OK to chant Japa on a Clicker?

Using 'clickers' instead of japa beads is a somewhat controversial practice, but is often employed by devotees who wish to chant their rounds while commuting long distances in a vehicle, or under other circumstances where beads might be difficult or dangerous to use.

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Japa Clicker (Hand Tally) for Maha-Mantra Chanting

Devotees have been known to glue half a tulasi bead onto their clicker so they're touching Tulasi while chanting. As with all things, clickers should be used within the bounds of common sense.

If you want to use a clicker to chant your japa it is up to you. Personally I like to chant on Tulsi Beads. I have included some comments by various devotees on this issue below.

Traditionally in bengal you chant on fingers or on tulsi. There is no other scriptural injunction as there are no hard and fast rules for japa, however i do not think its a good idea to hide clicker in a beadbag as it looks like you are pretending to chant mala. ys

Personally for me chanting on the beads is special because:


  1. my spiritual master chanted on them prior to my initiation;
  2. they are Tulasi beads, and she is a great devotee of Krishna, so it is a way of worshipping her and being connected to her, and with her help - to Krishna.
  3. this is the way great Vaishnava acharyas were doing and I feel more connected with them following this simple tradition, it helps my meditation;
  4. why not beads anyway if I can use them instead of clicker? Like Abhiram said "Don't chant and drive" - for japa we should reserve two peacefull hours when we don't need to be distracted by anything else.


These are my personal feelings, chanting on beads works well for me, maybe someone else has a greater need to stay connected to modern technology :)

Why does anyone need to use a clicker? Maybe because you're on public transport or a place where beads are impractical...then I guess the next question is: "Should we be chanting Japa in a place that requires the use of a clicker?" and the answer for me is NO...I would not be able to chant attentively in the situation where a clicker is required.

My understanding is that we should chant in an atmosphere that encourages us to be attentive and able to concentrate and hear the Holy Name properly.

We were doing sankirtan at an airport in the 80s and I had a devotee friend who in the middle of the sankirtan, changed very quickly in devotional clothes inside our temple-van, lit incense and everything. He was set in 2mins, chanted focused 2-3 rounds and then came back to the sankirtan "field".

Some at that time though he was crazy, but he was smart. Talk about environment importance for chanting.

Yes of course just chant thats all.there are no hard and fast rules.

Ilike to chant on my Tulsi beads in temple room, but during the day I am always keeping my clicker with me. It is helping me to chant always, ok , at least more:) I am not chanting only morning, during brahma muhurta and then finished. And many times, e.g. during shopping I can not use Tulasi beads, because of touching laxmi and unclean things.

hmm...and regarding hiding clicker to beadbag, I dont think it is some pretending, like CCd told. It is just a rule, that if u are chanting and counting ur mantras u should cover or hide ur hand. Like when we are chanting Gayatri or japa on beads. So please do not curse me, but I like cliccker :o)

"And many times, e.g. during shopping I can not use Tulasi beads, because of touching laxmi and unclean things."

This is interesting....how to chant attentively during shopping....I know it would not be possible for me as I would be thinking of everything but the Holy Name.

Ok. Then let say I will not use clicker during shopping, but still I will vibrate the Holy name in my mind, instead of hearing karmi songs in shops (also for controlling my mind and senses :)

We are adviced to chant 24 hours a day, so why not during shopping or driving? Even if we are inattentive during chanting, the only remedy is to keep on chanting.

It is also advised we should count our rounds in order to see whether we make some progress in numbers or not. Now we may ask the question; "should we chant our 16 rounds on beads or not?"


In my humble opinion, chanting on beads is a secondary rule. The primary rule is to chant 24 hours a day. From this everything else will come. Even if hell comes first, if we keep on chanting with faith and in a humble attitude, the holy name will ultimately appear.

Price:  13,74€  4,89€ 
Product Reviews
roberto budini - 09/22/2013 5 of 5 Stars!
the clicker is great - loving and recommending it ! )
Wilfried Nairz - 09/13/2013 5 of 5 Stars!
Shipping was as always perfect. The Japa clicker is so practical in every day life when one is on tour and has not the possibility to whash his hands for example. Of course chanting Hare Krsna on Tulsi beads is recommended and even more purifying. This Japa Clicker can be a practical gadget and motivation to chant whereever you are ;) Hari Bol!
Krishna Vallapareddy - 05/13/2013 5 of 5 Stars!
I use this clicker for the purpose of maintaining a count of the number of rounds completed on the japa mala. It is not very conveniently designed, but still serves the purpose, if you were to hold it in your palm and use the thumb for clicking. I would personally prefer an electronic counter with a clicker button on the head, to easily tap on, for the count as well as for the reset.
Darlyn McKleroy - 10/26/2011 5 of 5 Stars!
My husband loves it!! He drives thru New Orleans everyday and finds it hard to hold his japa beads and the steering wheel, but this has made it easier and safer. ( though how much safer can you be when chanting the holy name of Krishna??)
Alex sainte-luce - 08/02/2011 5 of 5 Stars!
this articles is paramount. It can always be in contact with krsna.

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